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Well, shit. It’s been a while.

The one thing the world will never have enough of is the outrageous

Damn it. DAMN IT. Wine and Fresh Prince have me weeping like a small child who just got grounded from their troll dolls. Dayuuum.

I vent to myself a lot.

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Today I realized that there are quite a few people in my life who think they know me more than they actually do. Some are very very close, some only think they are close. Either way…. I find it so interesting when people pretend to know me so well, because they start talking about my “character” and they are dead wrong. It’s almost like they have never spent a day of their life with me. Ever.

I can’t help it if they allow themselves to look like fools… or self-righteous a-holes.

  • Cleopatra: I will not have love as my master.
  • Marc Antony: Then you will not have love.


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Okay, I see those photos and internet memes all over Pinterest that say things like, “If the girl had been worth having, she would have waited for you.” I see men and women all over the place teaching that lesson to their sons. In theory, it’s a good thing to teach. Every parent wants their son…