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A new season is beginning. Yes, I know.. Fall. BUT, that is not what I am talking about. I am entering into a season with more prayer. I have been stagnant lately. Things have been quiet. I realized that I wasn’t spending time with God regularly… And I didn’t like that one bit. So, here I go.

Prayer. Prayer. Prayer. That is the name of the game. And this game is going to be played for the rest of my life. It is beautiful, really.

I came to a place where I had to admit that I didn’t love God enough. That severely broke my heart. What hurt the most is that I said that to God, and I knew in my heart that it was the truth. I wasn’t talking to Him every day. I wasn’t worshiping. I would read and think about the daily bible verse I got on my phone, but besides that, my mind was elsewhere.

I don’t want to live like that. I CAN’T live like that. I lost a lot of my joy. People at work were asking me if there was something wrong. I just didn’t have the happy smile face that I used to. And it wasn’t because of any certain event or heartbreak or stress. It was because I wasn’t pursuing a relationship with God. I wasn’t thanking Him for not forgetting to wake me up every day. I neglected to pray for the people I love. WHAT KIND OF PERSON DOESN’T PRAY FOR THE PEOPLE THEY LOVE!?!?!

Someone who was dry.

Well, now I’m thirsty. And I plan on filling up on Jesus. It truly is the only way to live.

I was laying in bed the other night and I started thinking about how I wanted to go back to how things were when I was living in worship. But then God convicted me of that thought. We shouldn’t want to go back to how things were, even if they were great. We should want to grow forward into something even greater. I believe that this coming season is going to be so fulfilling. More so than I have ever known before.

Part of that is because I am once again going to go to church. I had nothing against it, I was just lazy. I have been to church once since January. And even then, I didn’t stay to listen to the message. I realized that when I don’t go to church I feel very disconnected from God. And I know that God is not disconnecting Himself. It is all me. It is my mindset. If I’m not constantly in environments filled with the Holy Spirit, then I cease to really think about it. I get distracted.

So, one of my goals is to be diligent about being fed. Whether it is from a message at church, conversation with good friends, or sitting in my bed reading the greatest love story ever written (the Bible)… I will be fed. I will grow. I will pray and pray and pray.

God is beautifully good. I am blessed.

As humans we are different. We have different hearts. Different passions. Different strengths and different weaknesses. But when we go through life with the Spirit of the Living God dwelling inside us.. That is when we are one.

"There are vast areas of stubbornness and ignorance the Holy Spirit has to reveal in each of us, but it can only be done when Jesus gets us alone. Are we alone with Him now? Or are we more concerned with our own ideas, friendships, and cares for our bodies? Jesus cannot teach us anything until we quiet all our intellectual questions and get alone with Him."